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Health Management


2021 15 Feb

Expansion technology is a step forward in efforts to treat complex diseases and in cancer and Alzheimer’s research. The technology has been developed by researchers from Bar-Ilan University, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). spoke to Dr Shahar Alon, of Bar-Ilan University’s Faculty of Engineering,...Read more

Executive Health Management


2020 17 May

A team from MIT share their experience of introducing the ‘Lean Lab’ approach, which helped them to optimise workflows, reduce costs and increase safety and productivity in the MIT Media Lab’s ‘ YellowBox ’ cleanroom space. The results are summarised in an essay published in Advanced Intelligent Systems.   You may also like...Read more

IT Management


2019 07 Aug

Some artificial intelligence (AI)-based techniques are helping improve prediction of risks for certain diseases or disorders. Machine-learning models, for example, can be trained to find patterns ("features") in patient data and then determine a patient's risk of having lung cancer. You might also like: Machine Learning to Recognise Cardiac...Read more

IMAGING Management


2016 23 May

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the U.S. have developed a method called iso-acoustic focusing to analyse and separate cells from the blood. Ultimately, this method, can become significant to measure the efficiency of cancer treatments for individuals, according to their research published...Read more

IT Management


2016 09 Feb

FAID   is an annual Franco-American event which brings together scientists, companies, entrepreneurs and investors. It is a high-level event in the Boston area where researchers and companies have the opportunity to exchange views on a specific technological issue, start co-operative activities and develop business transactions with a transatlantic...Read more

ICU Management


2015 21 Jan

Royal Philips has announced a new initiative with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to give medical researchers access to one of the largest data sources available for research into critical care. The data from more than 100,000 patients have been collected and anonymised through the Philips Hospital to Home eICU telehealth programme. These...Read more

IMAGING Management


2014 24 Nov

New nanoparticles developed by MIT chemists can simultaneously perform magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and fluorescent imaging in living animals. These particles could assist scientists in monitoring a tumour's environment and determining whether drugs have successfully reached their targets. An article appearing in Nature Communications describes...Read more

IT Management


2014 25 Aug

Medical technology offers enormous potential for scalable medicine — to improve the quality and access in healthcare while simultaneously reducing cost. However, current medical device innovation within companies often only offers incremental advances on existing products, or originates from engineers with limited knowledge of clinical complexities....Read more