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IMAGING Management


2018 18 May

The American College of Radiology selected Geraldine McGinty , MD, MBA, FACR, as the 2018 recipient of the William T. Thorwarth, Jr., MD, Award. This honor recognizes individuals who demonstrate outstanding contributions to the field of health policy and economics for radiology. The Thorwarth Award will be bestowed on McGinty May 21 during ceremonies...Read more

Executive Health Management


2019 22 May

Eighteen Actionable Patient Safety Solutions are the key to zero preventable patient deaths in our hospitals.   What are the patient safety processes that every hospital administrator and healthcare professional should adopt today to avoid preventable patient harm and death in hospitals?    It’s an unfortunate fact of the medical profession...Read more

ICU Management


2019 30 May

It is never easy when children are in the hospital. And it is even more stressful when they're in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). When a child is admitted to the PICU, it means that they require the highest level of medical care. Children in the PICU present with different symptoms and conditions - from serious infections to heart conditions;...Read more

ICU Management


2019 30 May

An overview of the 'PICU Up!' mobility programme at Johns Hopkins Children's Center, which integrates sleep promotion, delirium prevention, and sedation optimisation to increase mobilisation in critically ill children.   What is the PICU Up! Programme?   Paediatric intensive units traditionally have had a culture where critically ill children...Read more

Executive Health Management


2019 11 Jun

Unmonitored opioid deaths at home after surgery. Primum Non Nocere. First, do no harm. These wise words form the basis of the oath sworn to our patients. With the vast array of treatment models, administration, and decisions in medicine today, this oath is more poignant than ever. Medical Errors are the third leading cause...Read more

Executive Health Management


2022 06 Jun

Children's Hospital of  Philadelphia  (CHOP) has appointed Michael L. Nance, MD as the Chief of the Division of Pediatric General, Thoracic, and Fetal Surgery, effective July 1, 2022. Prior to his promotion, Dr. Nance was the Associate Chief of the Division. He succeeds N.  Scott Adzick , MD, who will continue his role as CHOP's Surgeon-in-Chief and...Read more