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IT Management

Locky Ramps Up Attack Methods via Facebook

2016 23 Nov

Locky, the deadly ransomware that has been wreaking havoc on healthcare networks has ramped up its methods of attack making decryption even tougher. A report in Healthcare IT News says there has been a drop in the frequency of ransomware attacks in recent months owing to a rise in decryption tools for ransomware strains like Crysis but Locky... Read more

IT Management

Phishing Emails: 97 Percent Contain Ransomware

2016 21 Nov

Industry research has shown that the number of phishing emails containing ransomware grew to 97 percent in the third quarter of 2016, up from 92 percent in Q1. Ransomware has been making headlines this year as multiple healthcare organisations have been targeted by cybercriminals demanding cash for data. The research, undertaken by PhishMe,... Read more

IT Management

New Cyber security Threat: 'Locky’

2016 29 Feb

Following the recent ransomware incident at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Centre, that saw the facility paying out $17, 000 in to regain access to IT systems, a new threat has been spotted. Named ‘Locky’, it is a virus that is delivered in an email attachment disguised as a Microsoft Word invoice. Once a user opens it and enables macros, it encrypts... Read more