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IT Management

How Does Your EHR Affect Quality and Outcomes?

2020 17 Sep

Use of electronic health records (EHR) systems, even beyond minimum meaningful use (MU) requirements, does not necessarily correspond to increased hospital efficiency, patient satisfaction, and safety.   You might also like: EHR Systems: From Record to Plan   These new findings, based on a Johns Hopkins-led study (Murphy et al.... Read more

ICU Management

25th Pediatric Critical Care Colloquium

2018 04 Oct

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ICU Management

5th Annual Johns Hopkins Critical Care Rehabilitation Conference

2016 03 Nov

Interdisciplinary collaboration and coordination is vital to facilitate early mobility and rehabilitation in the intensive care unit (ICU) setting. A recent stakeholders’ conference aimed at improving long-term outcomes for ICU survivors identified important ‘silos’ among critical care and rehabilitation clinicians working in the ICU, with these ‘silos’... Read more

IT Management

Robot Programmed for “Soft Tissue” Surgery

2016 09 May

Not even the surest surgeon’s hand is quite as steady and consistent as a robotic arm built of metal and plastic, programmed to perform the same motions over and over. So could it handle the slippery stuff of soft tissues during a surgery? Simon Leonard, a Johns Hopkins University computer scientist is part of a team that just published research... Read more

IT Management

Epilepsy App Tracks Seizures

2015 20 Oct

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore have developed an app that allows patients with epilepsy to track their seizures using their Apple Watch. The interactive EpiWatch app works with ResearchKit, an open-source framework designed by Apple to facilitate research studies carried out using its devices. EpiWatch gives users a chance to help... Read more

IMAGING Management

Heart Ageing Differences Shown on MRI

2015 20 Oct

A new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study published in the journal Radiology indicates that heart ages differently in men and women. Researchers from Johns Hopkins say the findings may support the development of gender-specific treatments for heart disease. Previous studies have shown that in both sexes, the main heart chamber, the left ventricle... Read more

IT Management

Handheld Device Widens Vital Signs Data Collection

2015 31 Aug

A novel handheld, battery-powered device developed by Johns Hopkins researchers can quickly pick up vital signs from a patient's lips and fingertip. The prototype, called MouthLab, derived measurements of heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, temperature and blood oxygen from 52 volunteers, which compared well with vital signs measured by standard... Read more

IT Management

Algorithm Helps Predict Patients' Deadly Sepsis

2015 07 Aug

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have developed a new computer-based method that can help clinicians identify hospital patients at risk of septic shock. The method correctly predicts septic shock in 85 percent of cases, without increasing the false positive rate from screening methods that are currently used, according to a study published in... Read more

IT Management

Transporting Blood Samples to Labs via Drones?

2015 02 Aug

In a proof-of-concept study at Johns Hopkins, researchers have shown that small aerial drones can be used to transport samples for routine blood tests for as long as 40 minutes without affecting laboratory results. This finding could open up access to testing in remote areas where health clinics can be miles away from labs. The study is reported in... Read more

Executive Health Management

Health Data Quality Questioned

2015 05 May

Most US clinical registries that collect data on patient outcomes are substandard and do not really track in a systematic way how well physicians and hospitals perform. The findings are from a Johns Hopkins study that examined 153 US registries containing health service and disease outcomes data. On average, a registry contained information on more... Read more