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Radiology in Iran – Coming Out of Sanctions

2016 01 Jul

An Overview   The Iranian Society of Radiology (ISR ) is the largest in the ‏Middle East and Levant region, with the only other country ‏with more radiologists in this area being Turkey. Presently, ‏there are about 2,400 radiologists practicing in Iran – the ‏Iranian society was founded in 1966 and is now one the ‏largest and best organised... Read more

IMAGING Management

ECR 2014: Radiology in Iran

2014 09 Mar

Keep politics out of healthcare was the message from Dr. Mansoor Fatehi from Tehran, Iran, who spoke about radiology management in a special economic situation at the Management in Radiology session at the European Congress of Radiology on Saturday. The currency crisis and sanctions have had a major impact on the quality of services in Iran at the... Read more