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Study: Massage and Guided Imagery Can Reduce Pain and Anxiety

2017 01 Feb

Clinical massage and guided imagery may improve patients’ comfort at a very low cost, according to a study published in Critical Care Nurse (CCN) , the journal of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. Researchers with Beaumont Health System in Royal Oak, Michigan, USA, found that patients in a progressive (intermediate) care unit reported... Read more

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ESICM 2014: Do Intermediate Care Beds Have a Role?

2014 29 Sep

Implementing intermediate care beds in the ICU either physically separate or apart can improve outcomes, said Professor Bertrand Guidet, France, speaking today at the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine congress in Barcelona. ICU patients is like gold in the central bank, defined by illness and not by location. Guidet acknowledge the starting... Read more

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Step Down Wards: Advantages and Disadvantages

2011 20 Jul

A uthor H. Burchardi Göttingen, Germany Professor Burchardi shares his views on step down wards with ICU Management readers.   Step down wards are care units between the level of an intensive care unit and the normal ward. Various types are possible: the intermediate care unit (IMC), post operative monitoring (recovery),... Read more