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Intensivist Preferences for Patient Admission to ICU

2019 30 Oct

When patients present to the emergency room and need admission, they are first evaluated by the physician. Patients who are stable but need admission are usually admitted to the general medical floor. Those who are unstable, very old, or very young or those with numerous comorbidities are usually admitted to the intensive care unit. The ICU is... Read more

ICU Management

8th EuroELSO Congress 2019

2019 10 Apr

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ICU Management

16th Annual Critical Care Symposium

2019 11 Apr

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ICU Management

Code events: intensivist presence linked to better outcomes

2018 21 Feb

To better support the highest function of the Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) adult code and rapid response teams, a team leadership role was created for a faculty intensivist in order to integrate and improve processes of care delivery, documentation, and decision-making. The introduction of the intensivist's role has the potential to improve patient... Read more

ICU Management

Weekend ICU admissions linked to higher death risk

2017 21 Nov

Adjusted risk of death for ICU admission was greater over the weekends compared with weekdays, according to a systematic review published in the journal Critical Care Medicine. The report authors explain: "The absence of a dedicated intensivist on-site overnight may be associated with increased mortality for acute admissions. These results need to... Read more

ICU Management

2017 01 Nov

I think what is important is to have the leaders proactively thinking about the gender issue. Examples? Faculty members need to be inclusive and to mentor young women and to include them in their plans, creating the conditions to allow their participation in committees and boards preparing the next generation of leaders. Journals need to include women... Read more

ICU Management

2017 07 Jun

When using the technical definition of burnout: "The reduction of a fuel to nothing", it clearly describes the state of being of the few people that I have met who are having a burnout. The problem is huge and almost every leader in healthcare agrees that this is a major problem (Swenson et al. 2016). Although many problems arise from using surveys... Read more

ICU Management

2017 27 Apr

Wikipedia defines intensive care medicine as a branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and management of life-threatening conditions requiring sophisticated organ support and invasive monitoring . 1 To this, I would add the line ‘for the patient’s benefit’ since this alters the above definition fundamentally.  ... Read more