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AI Breast Cancer Diagnosis Matches Two Doctors

2020 02 Jan

A newly-published study in the journal Nature suggests that AI diagnoses breast cancer from mammograms more accurately than radiologists.   A computer, specially designed and trained by a team of researchers from international bodies such as Google Health and Imperial College London, performed as well as two doctors working together.... Read more

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Lack of Interoperability Increases Risks for Patients

2019 06 Dec

National Health Service (NHS) patients' safety is at risk due to critical deficiencies in medical record keeping. A new research shows that NHS Trusts use at least 21 different electronic medical record systems, which poses a big challenge to the effective sharing of information. The study from the Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI) at... Read more

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Mini Magic MRI Scanner

2019 02 Jul

Researchers from Imperial College London have developed a prototype for a ‘mini’ MRI scanner specifically to fit around a patient’s leg.   The proof-of-concept study, published in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine , used animal knees to test the technology which uses a specifically-designed magnet and rotates around an individual leg.   Knee injuries,... Read more

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Robotic companion on ward

2018 20 Feb

Fighting hospital patient isolation is the aim of a talkative robot. Looking ahead to increased elderly patient care, researchers have trialled a robot that creates a more social ward environment. What do snowmen have for breakfast?” asks Junior, the hospital’s assistive robotic technology, as he stands in front of a bed-bound patient.... Read more

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Future of Patient Safety

2016 12 Mar

The Patient Safety Global Action Summit 2016 took place in London last week with thought leaders gathering to discuss the future of patient safety. Reflecting the Patient Safety 2030 report, produced by the NIHR Imperial PSTRC, the summit focused  on: Taking a holistic, system-based approach to patient safety; The emerging threats shaping... Read more