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Interventional radiology in Europe

2019 19 Mar

Interventional radiology (IR) helps provide new, not previously, feasible treatments for patients. An IR approach is less invasive to the patient, such that many surgical procedures have been replaced or enhanced by the provision of IR services.  To learn more about the current practice of IR throughout Europe, the European Society of Radiology... Read more

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Growing student interest in radiology amidst AI fears

2019 06 Feb

The importance of artificial intelligence ( AI ) is ever increasing in healthcare, especially in enhancing the accuracy of diagnostic tools and disease risk predictive models. Radiology is said to be among the medical specialities most primed to incorporate AI into clinician workflow. It's no wonder that conversations about AI replacing radiologists... Read more

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Patient Emergencies in Radiology: How Frequent?

2015 22 Sep

When hospital patients outside the ICU become unstable, many facilities have medical emergency teams (MET) in place to rapidly respond. But are events warranting MET calls more common in a radiology department (RD) than in a general ward? Lora Ott, PhD, RN, Assistant Professor, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and colleagues have published the results... Read more