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Predicting Mortality - The Simple Intensive Care Studies-I

2019 19 Sep

A clinical examination is usually made by caregivers as a way to detect signs of deterioration in critically ill patients. However, there have been some inconsistencies when it comes to the prognostic value of this exam.   A recent prospective cohort study of 1075 patients assessed whether there was an independent association with the findings from... Read more

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Emergency Department to ICU Time and Mortality

2019 22 Aug

Delays in transferring patients from the Emergency Department (ED) to the ICU could delay treatment, leaving the patient at risk. A recent study explored the impact of this and found that increased ED to ICU wait times were associated with increased hospital mortality.   Data was used from the Dutch quality registry National Intensive Care Evaluation,... Read more

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Tele-ICU leads to overall reduction in ICU mortality

2019 19 Mar

A new systematic review and meta-analysis has found that implementation of tele-ICU services was associated with an overall reduction in ICU mortality. Furthermore, in subgroup analysis, the pooled odds ratio for ICU mortality suggests a significant benefit in publications with high baseline observed to predicted (O/P) mortality ratios but not... Read more

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The Future of Intensive Care - A Brainstorming Meeting 2019

2019 15 Sep

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Renin as marker of tissue-perfusion, predictor of ICU mortality

2019 23 Jan

Researchers in Europe prospectively characterised renin in an ICU population to determine if it performs well as a marker of tissue-perfusion. In a proof-of-concept analysis, they compared renin with lactate as a predictor of ICU mortality. Based on the results, renin served as a useful marker of circulatory function and outperformed lactate in predicting... Read more