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ICT 2020

2020 01 Dec

EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO 2021 DUE TO COVID-19 HEALTH CONCERNS NEW DATES TBC Find Digital Single Market on Social Media Read more

Executive Health Management

Novel Interventions for Early Parkinson Detection

2020 09 Mar

Summary: An award-winning ICT-based early detection of Parkinson’s Disease aims to support healthcare sustainability and more personalised care for at-risk adults. Population ageing, which entails an increasing share of older persons in the population, is a major global demographic trend, which will intensify during the twenty-first century... Read more

Executive Health Management

The Empowered Patient: Capitalising on Information and Technology

2020 29 Jan

Summary: We might be ready for the new hospital and the new healthcare system, but are we ready for the empowered patient? When we talk about the future of healthcare or the future of healthcare systems and hospitals, we tend to overlook one very important aspect: the patient. Yes, advanced technology, artificial intelligence, big data, machine... Read more

IT Management

ICT4AWE 2020 - 6th International Conference on ICT for Ageing Well & e-Health

2020 03 May


IT Management

12th International Conference on Health Informatics - HEALTHINF 2019

2019 22 Feb

This Conference is part of BIOSTEC 2019 Find HEALTHINF on Social Media    Read more

Executive Health Management

EPPOSI 21 Strategy Renewal Meeting

2015 09 Dec

EPPOSI 2021  A new strategy of renovation and renewal for patients, science and industry  The European Platform for Patients’ Organisations Science and Industry - EPPOSI - has been working hard in 2015 to come back from a difficult phase in which it could be argued that the organisation lost its way and suffered financial difficulties.  Under... Read more

Cardiology Management

ESC: E-health Vital for Reducing Burden of Cardiovascular Disease

2015 25 Aug

European cardiology leaders have said that E-health is vital to win the battle against heart disease. The position paper was published today in the European Heart Journal and outlines how the ESC plans to exploit e-health in education and research, while tackling issues of quality control and data security. It is projected that by 2017, more than... Read more

IT Management

2015 20 Aug

What are your key areas of interest and research?   My main area of interest and research, is helping to drive the future evolution of electronic health records (EHRs) to be a rich, holistic and smart information resource to all of the players involved in health care and research. EHRs need to underpin intelligent use of health data to support patients... Read more