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ICU Management

Oxygen Therapy in Acute Care Medicine

2020 02 Feb

Oxygen therapy is a commonly used strategy in modern medicine. In most situations with declining oxygen saturations, clinicians are quick to use this technique. While effective in the setting of hypoxia, there are, however, some circumstances in which excess oxygen is indiscriminately administered for extended periods.  In healthcare, there has... Read more

ICU Management

Severe Hyperoxaemia Events and Mortality Among Patients in PICU

2019 30 Aug

The paediatric management of hyperoxaemia (also defined as high PaO 2 or arterial oxygenation of greater or equal to 300mmHg) has so far yielded conflicting results. For multiple studies in adults, hyperoxaemia has been shown as an independent risk factor for mortality after cardiac arrest.   It was the purpose of a recent study to analyse the relationship... Read more