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ICU Management

Ischemic or Hemorrhagic Stroke? Check the Biomarkers!

2014 10 Apr

When someone suffers a stroke, a race against time begins, as a fast diagnosis and subsequent treatment can make the difference between life and death. According to a report published in the ACS journal Analytical Chemistry, a team of scientists led by Steven A. Soper is working on a new blood test that could swiftly diagnose not only whether... Read more

ICU Management

Measuring Blood Flow in the Brain May Predict Stroke or Hemorrhage in Children on ECMO

2013 12 Jun

Measuring blood flow in the brain may be an easy, noninvasive way to predict stroke or hemorrhage in children receiving cardiac or respiratory support through a machine called ECMO, according to a new study by researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Early detection would allow physicians to alter treatment and take steps to prevent these complications—the... Read more