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2017 11 Jun

Find  European Healthcare Design 2017   on Social Media        Read more

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2018 11 Jun

Find  European Healthcare Design 2018   on Social Media    Read more

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2018 03 Sep

The European Health Property Network (EuHPN) is holding a workshop for healthcare architecture stakeholders from across Europe with a focus on sharing knowledge on promoting better standards and management of health property throughout the EU. With the theme ‘Research and Evaluation for Care Infrastructure Closer to Home’, the workshop looks...Read more

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2018 07 Nov

IFHE Vice–President hopes for more sustainability in healthcare. HealthManagement  spoke to Daniela Pedrini, a leading light in the International Federation of Health Engineering (IFHE) on the changes she wants to see taking shape in healthcare architecture in the years ahead. What are your responsibilities holding top positions...Read more

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2020 29 Jan

In the process of ‘reimagining a hospital,’ one cannot overestimate the importance of architecture and design. asked a prominent figure in healthcare design, Christopher Shaw, Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Chair of Architects for Health and founder of healthcare planning and architects practice Medical...Read more

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2021 09 Sep

The COVID-19 pandemic presented a major challenge to healthcare systems across the globe. As the world continues to fight this battle during the fourth  wave, spoke to Daniela Pedrini, President of the International  Federation of Health Engineering (IFHE), on healthcare’s response to COVID-19, changes healthcare systems...Read more