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Executive Health Management

2021 12 Feb

The World Health Organization has released its ‘ Global report on health data systems and capacity, 2020 ’ based on the analysis of health information systems of more than 130 countries.   You might also like: HIT in 2021: Most Important Aspects   For the assessment, the new SCORE for Health Data Technical Package was used, where...Read more

IT Management

2019 19 May

Researchers at Penn State University say that people who are confident about machine performance and their own abilities to engage with technology are likely to transfer these attitudes to use of digital healthcare services and providers.   The research team presented results of their study ‘ Digital Doctors and Robot Receptionists:...Read more

Health Management

2018 25 Jan

  The rac e is on to implement technology effectively for improved liaising and better health outcome s.   Health technology can change healthcare but only with implementation of basics such as collaboration, communication and easy exchange, combined with transformation of some traditional workflows.   AirBNB, TripAdvisor,...Read more