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New Robotic Surgery for Head and Neck Cancers

2014 09 Dec

UCLA researchers have reported that they have advanced a surgical technique performed with the help of a robot to access a previously-unreachable area of the head and neck. “This is a revolutionary new approach that uses highly advanced technology to reach the deepest areas of the head and neck,” said Dr. Abie Mendelsohn, lead author of the study.... Read more

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Incidental Findings in Paediatric CT Scans Rare But Significant

2013 26 Sep

In a recently published study in Pediatrics, more than a third of the 44,000 children presenting to 25 emergency departments  received CT scans to evaluate an injury. About 4% of the scans revealed incidental findings, which ranged in severity from enlarged tonsils to life-threatening cancers. The analysis did not include those children who had an... Read more

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Reducing CT Scans in Children with Minor Blunt Head Trauma

2013 03 Sep

For every hour of observation of children with minor blunt head trauma in the emergency department, CT scans were reduced by approximately 70 percent on average, according to a study published published online in Annals of Emergency Medicine. “Every hour of observation time in the emergency department was associated with a decrease in CT rates... Read more

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CT Scans for Headaches in Children Used Widely

2013 11 Jul

More than one quarter of the children treated for headache across a range of care settings received a computed tomography scan, possibly exposing them to unnecessary radiation and increased cancer risks, according to an article in the July edition of Pediatrics. “It’s ironic that providers sometimes use CT scans to rule out brain tumours or brain... Read more

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Serial Neuroimaging studies Can Identify Timing of Abusive Head Trauma in Infants

2013 08 Jul

Researchers at Penn State College of Medicine and Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center (Hershey, Pennsylvania) have categorised the appearance and evolution of abnormalities on neuroimages that represent abusive head trauma (AHT) in infants. The researchers' descriptions of these abnormalities are important for narrowing down the timing of AHT,... Read more

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Managing Head Injury: Scandinavian Guidelines Updated

2013 23 Apr

A recently published article in BMC Medicine presents the updated Scandinavian Neurotrauma Committee (SNC)  guidelines for initial management of minimal, mild and moderate head injury in adults. The guidelines are primarily designed as evidence and consensus-based guidance for physicians who are not experts in the field and   with the Scanadivian... Read more

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Is That MRI Scan Really Necessary?

2013 26 Mar

Two recently published studies from Canada and Spain have looked at the appropriateness of MRI requests.  In a research letter published in JAMA Internal Medicine, Derek J. Emery, of the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, and colleagues examined the appropriateness of requests for outpatient MRI of the lumbar spine and of the head for headache,... Read more

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New MRI Method Fingerprints Tissues and Diseases

2013 21 Mar

A new method of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) could routinely spot specific cancers, multiple sclerosis, heart disease and other conditions early, when they're most treatable, suggest researchers at Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals (UH) Case Medical Center in the journal Nature. Each body tissue and disease has a unique... Read more

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Brain Imaging After Mild Head Injury/Concussion Can Show Lesions

2013 21 Mar

Brain imaging soon after mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) or mild concussion can detect tiny lesions that may eventually provide a target for treating people with mTBI, according to a study presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s 65th Annual Meeting in San Diego, March 16 to 23, 2013. Studies of brain tissue once a person has died have... Read more