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The Future ICU

2020 15 Jan

Critical Care Medicine has existed for many years, but was only recognised as a specialty in the last 40 years or so. However, during this time, there has been a tremendous amount of change. Over the years, our understanding of different critical illnesses has improved, and our treatment strategies have become more effective. Technology has also played... Read more

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The Future of Haemodynamic Monitoring: From Planet Mars to Resource Limited Countries

2020 15 Jan

When envisioning the future of haemodynamic monitoring, we cannot limit the discussion to new sensors and computer innovations. We also need to consider the accessibility to scientific and technological progress, particularly in resource-limited countries where a large number of patients deserve more rational haemodynamic management. The... Read more

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Echocardiography for Hemodynamic Monitoring 2019

2019 19 Nov

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Noninvasive technologies for personalised haemodynamic monitoring

2019 14 Mar

Advanced haemodynamic monitoring methods   Bernd Saugel, MD, EDIC is a Professor of Anesthesiology and works as a consultant in the Department of Anesthesiology, Center of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany. Prof. Saugel is a specialist in anaesthesiology, intensive care medicine,... Read more

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Advances in monitoring expired CO2 in critically ill patients

2019 24 Jan

Reviews the potential uses and pitfalls of capnography in critically ill patients, especially for haemodynamic and respiratory monitoring.   Expired CO 2 can be easily monitored in the intensive care unit (ICU), especially in patients under invasive mechanical ventilation, using infrared measurement by sampling mainstream expiratory flow... Read more

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2018 28 Nov

The parameters of the Capstesia app are described. After taking a photo of the arterial waveform on the monitor screen, and cropping it to the signal of interest, the picture is sent to the Capstesia server via a mobile Internet connection. The heart rate and systolic and diastolic arterial pressures are manually entered into the app to determine... Read more

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BP monitoring that suits the needs of patients

2018 30 Jan

Both hypotension and hypertension can potentially impair the function of vital organs such as heart, brain, or kidneys, thus monitoring of arterial blood pressure (BP) is a mainstay of haemodynamic monitoring in acutely or critically ill patients. Arterial BP can either be obtained invasively via an arterial catheter or noninvasively. While intermittent... Read more

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Haemodynamic monitoring: stuff we never talk about

2017 15 Sep

In order to make haemodynamic monitoring clinically successful it seems mandatory to have a comprehensive view on the incorporation of the measured variables in a team-adapted strategy.   Over the last decades the evolution of haemodynamic monitoring in critically ill patients has not been unequivocal. On the one hand it may be argued that haemodynamic... Read more

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Fundamentals of Critical Care - Interview with Michael Pinsky

2015 31 Dec

Michael Pinsky is Professor of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, with secondary appointments in Cardiovascular Diseases, Clinical & Translational Science, Anesthesiology and Bioengineering. He is presently a Visiting Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, University of California, San Diego, USA.  Why is it important to... Read more