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#LIVES2019: Findings from the TOPMAST Study

2019 04 Oct

In an interesting session at #LIVES2019, Dr. Niels Van Regenmortel from Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium, presented findings from the TOPMAST trial. The TOPMAST study was conducted to determine the effects of sodium content of maintenance fluid therapy on cumulative fluid balance and electrolyte disorders.  Dr. Van Regenmortel started off his... Read more

ICU Management

"Fluid overload" - a poorly-defined term that should be avoided

2018 19 Sep

Clinicians examining an oedematous patient are wont to say that the patient has “fluid overload” or “hypervolemia” or both and propose fluid restriction and/or diuretics as the logical strategy, when often during the acute phases of resuscitation from circulatory shock this approach may be inappropriate, says an editorial published in the journal... Read more