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Executive Health Management

Finland’s Digital Care Network: Why is it Working So Well?

2020 29 Jan

Summary: Finland is leading the way in leveraging digitalisation in healthcare for a new model of care interaction and delivery. In the making for five years, the Health Village is a scalable, comprehensive digital service that brings significant cost savings and production efficiency to healthcare providers. The objective is to offer a global digital,... Read more

IT Management

GDPR-friendly Patient Data: Finland Leads the Way

2019 18 Jun

  Patient data is one of the keystones to streamlining and making healthcare more effective. But, added to in-house operational obstacles is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which imposes stringent restrictions on data use across sectors.   A leader in healthcare digitalisation and, patient data collection and use in particular,... Read more

Executive Health Management

A human-centric approach for data collection

2019 22 May

The promise of personalised medicine     Based on extensive market research, the precision medicine sector is fast becoming a multibillion market. It consists of innumerable companies involved in the research and development, manufacturing and commercialisation of several novel drugs and diagnostic kits to boost the precision medicine workflow... Read more