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EuroEcho-Imaging 2017

2017 06 Dec

EuroEcho-Imaging is the annual meeting of the EACVI, representing members around the world with an interest in all modalities of cardiovascular imaging. The EACVI's mission is "to promote excellence in clinical diagnosis, research, technical development, and education in cardiovascular imaging in Europe." Find   European Society... Read more

Cardiology Management


2015 02 Dec

Over the years, EuroEcho-Imaging has grown more and more to become the world’s largest cardiovascular imaging congress. This year’s main themes are ‘ cardiomyopathies ’ and ‘ early diagnosis of cardiovascular disease ’. The aim of EuroEcho-Imaging will be to create an exciting forum, in which both clinicians and scientists can present and discuss ... Read more

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EuroEcho-Imaging 2013: No Heart Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Without Imaging

2013 16 Dec

As highlighted though the sessions dedicated to interventions during EuroEcho-Imaging 2013, it is not just the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease that would be impossible without imaging, successful treatment is also becoming increasingly depending on the various techniques available.  Prof Gilbert Habib, EACVI President Elect, from France’s... Read more

Cardiology Management

EuroEcho 2014

2014 03 Dec

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EuroEcho 2013: Esaote showcases new Prevention Suite

2013 27 Nov

Prevention Suite’s four combined imaging technologies enables practical pre-clinical assessment of cardiovascular disease risk. This year’s EuroEcho-Imaging conference held from 11 to 14 December in Istanbul, Turkey, will see global medical imaging manufacturer, Esaote, showcase Prevention Suite: a unique package of ultrasound imaging modalities... Read more