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IT Management

More Errors with EHR over Paper Records

2016 12 Jul

A Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA) study has found that doctors make more errors in Electronic Health Record (EHR) note-taking than in paper records. The study, which focused on medical reporting at a Michigan hospital, showed  progress notes in the first-stage implementation of EHRs contained more mistakes to paper charts.... Read more

ICU Management

ESA2016: Medication Errors - Care with Computerised Order Entry Systems Needed

2016 14 Jun

Computerised Order Entry (CPOE) Systems can improve the quality and safety of medication prescribing and reduce costs, according to Jozef Kesecioglu , Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at the Department of Intensive Care Medicine, University Medical Center, Utrecht, the Netherlands, speaking at Euroanaesthesia 2016 in London in May. Slow Adoption... Read more

IMAGING Management

Conflict Costs: A New Approach to Avoidance

2015 01 Jun

Conflict is inevitable in any activity and can entail massive costs. It results in lost productivity and collaboration, and in healthcare, it results in worsened patient outcomes. A report, entitled "Understanding the Cost of Conflict and an Approach to Conflict-Management Design" and published in Journal of the American College of Radiology , discusses... Read more

Executive Health Management

Reducing Medication Administration Errors

2015 04 May

This study aimed to develop clinical decision support (CDS) tools to decrease errors in medication administration, which have been shown to be frequent and serious. Notably, the rate of preventable adverse drug events in intensive care can be twice as much as in non-intensive care units. Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, focused... Read more

IMAGING Management

Ultrasound Quality is Operator Dependent

2015 27 Mar

The increase in the supply of ultrasound performance has remained unabated during the past decade. Its application has recorded a continuous expansion in indications and clinical use. However, the risks of errors in diagnostic consumerism, with consequent multiplication of exams, often redundant, are also on the rise, according to a report appearing... Read more

Executive Health Management

Top US Hospitals: Virginia Mason On List For 9th Consecutive Year

2014 10 Dec

Virginia Mason has made The Leapfrog Group's annual list of Top Hospitals in the US for the ninth consecutive year. It is the only hospital in the country to be named a Top Hospital every year since the recognition programme was launched in 2006. In addition, Virginia Mason is the only hospital in Washington state to receive the 2014 Top Hospital award... Read more

IMAGING Management

Unread X-Ray Backlog Investigated in Australia

2014 22 Jul

A backlog of more than 40,000 unread x-rays has been uncovered at the Gold Coast Hospital in Queensland, Australia. It has further emerged that the health board responsible had been aware of the issue for more than five years. While the x-rays had been read by the referring doctor, none had been read and reported on by a radiologist. Lawrence Springborg,the... Read more

ICU Management

ESICM LIVES 2013: Can We Prevent Medication Errors in the ICU?

2013 08 Oct

Medication errors can be prevented, but there is no one simple solution, according to the expert speakers at ESICM LIVES 2013.  Medication errors in the ICU are frequent, with a negative impact on patients. Andreas Valentin (Austria) suggested that to improve the situation, intensivists need to raise awareness, prevent errors and develop a culture... Read more

Executive Health Management

European Medicines Agency Issues Six Key Recommendations to Tackle Medication Errors

2013 27 May

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has issued six key recommendations to tackle the issue of medication errors causing harm in the European Union (EU). These recommendations are described in the medication-errors workshop report. This workshop was held by the Agency from 28 February to 1 March 2013 to raise awareness of this important public-health... Read more