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Patient Photo in EHR: Impact on Errors

2020 17 Nov

Displaying patient photos in the electronic health record (EHR) banner not only enhances a physician's ability to correctly identify patients. Importantly, this may also be a simple and inexpensive way to avoid wrong-patient order entry (WPOE) errors, says a new study (Salmasian et al. 2020)   You might also like: Get Data on Board: Incorporating... Read more

IT Management

How Does Your EHR Affect Quality and Outcomes?

2020 17 Sep

Use of electronic health records (EHR) systems, even beyond minimum meaningful use (MU) requirements, does not necessarily correspond to increased hospital efficiency, patient satisfaction, and safety.   You might also like: EHR Systems: From Record to Plan   These new findings, based on a Johns Hopkins-led study (Murphy et al.... Read more

Executive Health Management

Patient Trust Needed for Healthcare Data Success

2019 26 Aug

Summary: Health data holds the promise of healing a plethora of healthcare operational woes. Saluscoop looks at how we can make data work for provider and patient.   More and More Data for a Healthier Society   We are experiencing a period of data explosion: the digitalisation of health records, the increasing use of smartphones, portable... Read more