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IT Management

IDC IT Managers Forum 2016

2016 30 Mar

How Big Data, Cloud, Social Media and Mobility are Reprogramming Businesses 30 March 2016, Hilton Cyrpus, Nicosia Over the next five years, 90% of companies' IT investments will involve Third Platform technologies. While organizations will still need servers, PCs, client- and PC-based applications, and miles of cables, these technologies will... Read more

Executive Health Management

New Tool for Better Molecular Diagnostics

2016 23 Jan

Rice University scientist David Zhang has developed a tool that can speed up the design of molecular diagnostics based on the specific recognition of DNA and RNA. The method is described in Nature Communications.  The new method cuts down the time that is typically required to analyse the thermal behaviours of DNA and RNA strands from months to... Read more

IMAGING Management

New Modeling Analysis Shows Screening for Cervical Cancer with Pap+HPV Together™

2015 12 Nov

Co-testing could prevent more cases of invasive cervical cancer and cost the health care system less money over time, study shows Researchers presented a new clinical-economic modeling analysis this week showing that screening for cervical cancer with Pap+HPV Together™ (co-testing) using the Aptima® HPV assay (an mRNA-based HPV test) and the... Read more

IT Management

Cloud for Precision Cancer Treatment

2015 06 Oct

Intel and the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health & Science University have created a prototype collaborative platform to enable cancer precision medicine research across multiple institutions. Ultimately, the goal is to speed up genomic analysis so the care team can tailor a precision treatment plan for the patient within 24 hours. While the... Read more

ICU Management

New Device Promises Rapid Molecular Diagnosis

2015 15 Sep

A team of engineers and scientists at the University of Arizona has developed a new diagnostic device that could reduce the amount of time necessary to diagnose tissue infections. The device's novel approach to molecular diagnostics, called DOTS qPCR, is faster, more efficient and less expensive than methods currently being used in clinics, according... Read more

ICU Management

An Innovative Way to Detect Infectious Disease, Superbugs

2015 10 Jul

Researchers at McMaster University have developed a new diagnostic test designed to help clinicians detect infectious diseases such as hepatitis C and deadly superbugs (eg, MRSA and C. difficile) more easily and quickly. They say the new method does not require complicated equipment so tests can be run at room temperature under ordinary conditions.... Read more

Lab Management

Genetic Modification Aids Cancer Drug Discovery

2015 06 Mar

Genetically modifying cancer cells can aid in clarifying new cancer drugs’ mechanism of action, according to researchers at KU Leuven’s Laboratory of Virology and Chemotherapy (Rega Institute). In this new study, published online in Chemistry & Biology , the researchers confirm that KPT-330 molecule  is able to target and block the Exportin-1 taxi... Read more

Lab Management

Researchers Extend Telomeres in Human Cells to Slow Ageing

2015 29 Jan

According to new research published in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) Journal, delivering modified mRNA encoding the protein telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) to cells extends their telomeres a finite but significant amount. A major aspect of ageing is the shortening of telomeres over time. Telomeres... Read more

Lab Management

New Cervical Cancer Screening Guidance: Using HPV Test Alone

2015 12 Jan

The Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) and the American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (ASCCP) have issued a new interim guidance for cervical cancer screening that recommends the use of a human papillomavirus (HPV) test alone as the primary screen to find cervical cancer or its precursors. At present, such screening is done with either... Read more

Lab Management

Next-Generation Sequencing Tool Gets FDA Nod

2014 23 Sep

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.'s (MA, USA) Ion PGM Dx next-generation sequencing system is now listed with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a class II medical device suitable for clinical use, according to a news report from PharmaAsia . Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a high-throughput DNA sequencing method that allows clinical professionals... Read more