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Optimising patient-ventilator synchronisation

2018 16 Mar

Dr. Lluís Blanch, Dr. Jean-Michel Arnal and Prof. Francesco Mojoli discuss why patient-ventilator synchrony is important, how to detect asynchronies, and technical solutions for optimising synchronisation. Definition and clinical effects Patient-ventilator asynchrony occurs when there is a mismatch between the patient’s inspiratory time and the mechanical... Read more

ICU Management

The critical care resuscitation unit

2018 16 Mar

A new paradigm for optimising inter-hospital transfer of patients with non-trauma time sensitive critical conditionsThe number of clinical conditions which have improved outcomes associated with shorter time to specialised resuscitation and definitive intervention continues to increase. Many of these time-sensitive conditions have improved outcomes... Read more

ICU Management

7th Annual Johns Hopkins Critical Care Rehabilitation Conference

2018 13 Mar

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ICU Management

McMaster Critical Care Update

2018 09 Mar

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ICU Management

Tracheal intubation in critical care - expert guidelines

2018 06 Feb

New guidelines published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia describe a comprehensive strategy to optimise oxygenation, airway management, and tracheal intubation in critically ill patients, in all hospital locations. These guidelines were formulated by a panel of experts assembled by the Difficult Airway Society (DAS) of the UK, together with Intensive... Read more

ICU Management

Critical Care Symposium

2018 01 Feb

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The lab of the future

2018 25 Jan

Technology is changing the face of medical laboratory operation.   As healthcare technology advances, medical laboratories need to keep ahead of the curve on trends for optimal operation and interoperability. looks at key areas where changes are happening at full tilt.Point-of-care testing for lab scientists There have been great... Read more