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Improving Quality of Life, Reducing Readmissions in HF Patients

2017 13 Mar

Results of new study, published in the journal Heart & Lung, support improved quality of life and decreased readmission rates following a multidisciplinary transition-to-care programme for heart failure (HF) patients. This team-based, patient-specific and collaborative approach is an effective practice-based strategy to improve HF outcomes, according... Read more

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Liver Transplantation in Children: Improved Outcomes

2017 14 Feb

According to new research, the use of advanced critical care in children and infants with liver failure is justified because liver transplantation (OLT) can be performed on the sickest children and achieve acceptable outcomes. The survival outcomes are comparable to the general population, justifying the use of scarce donors. The study is in press in... Read more

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Predicting Critical Illness Mortality and Personalising Care

2017 07 Feb

Predicting mortality has always been a corner piece of critical care research and practice, and novel early outcome predictors are needed to guide patient/family expectations and decision-making, according to an Editorial article published in the journal Critical Care. The article discusses how muscle quality and quantity measurement could provide an... Read more

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34th Congress of the Scandinavian Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care

2017 23 Jan

SSAI is an umbrella organization of the Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Societies of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and hosts a congress every other year, alternating between the five countries. The congress is international and usually gathers around 800-1000 participants from all over the world. Local Scandinavian flavour comes from to... Read more

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34th World Congress of Internal Medicine-WCIM 2018

2017 16 Jan

Find WCIM - 34th World Congress of Internal Medicine on Social Media      Read more

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Patient Communication Campaign Inspired by Near-Death Experience

2017 11 Jan

In a new article, a critical care medicine physician from Henry Ford Hospital describes in great detail  her near-death experience. The article, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, has resulted in a campaign designed to make healthcare professionals communicate more effectively and to be more empathetic towards their patients. See Also:... Read more

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SMCC-Social Media and Critical Care 2017

2017 10 Jan

SMACC held its first meeting in March 2013, in Sydney, Australia. With no formal backing from any college, society or university, this Conference attracted an amazing 700 delegates from the FOAM community. The second meeting, smaccGOLD, was held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre in Queensland, Australia in March 2014. It doubled in size, with 1400... Read more