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Critical care: personalised vs. precision medicine

2017 19 Dec

The current healthcare system tends to be reactive, providing treatment post-onset of the disease, with limited attempts at prevention and prediction. Recently there has been a backlash to such a medical system, as providers and patients have started to demand more personalised care. This has led to the emergence of “P-Medicine” in the form of personalised... Read more

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Alleviating ICU survivors' burden - a consensus of 29

2017 13 Dec

In a review paper, a team of international researchers highlights how critical illness and critical care affect longer-term outcomes. According to the authors, the severity of acute illness determines the degree of impairment (with age and length of ICU stay) and the chronic disease status determines the trajectory of recovery. Over the past 25 years... Read more

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Is exercise good for elderly septic patients?

2017 28 Nov

Sepsis is a critical issue in old age and is among the top causes for intensive care unit (ICU) admission in the elderly. Although there are important benefits supposed to be derived from moderate exercise in the elderly population (better cardiovascular fitness, improved microcirculation, less obesity, etc.), improved outcome from sepsis has not been... Read more

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2017 01 Nov

I think what is important is to have the leaders proactively thinking about the gender issue. Examples? Faculty members need to be inclusive and to mentor young women and to include them in their plans, creating the conditions to allow their participation in committees and boards preparing the next generation of leaders. Journals need to include women... Read more

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LIVES Forum 2018

2017 10 Oct

Find European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) on Social Media       Read more