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9 Tech Trends Taking off in 2020

2019 11 Nov

Technology continues to transform healthcare through increased efficiency in work processes, leading to better delivery of care. For the incoming year, 2020, expect growing applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning aimed at advancing disease risk prediction. Expanding AI use will likely have a ripple effect, such as in genomic... Read more

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Are You Paying Your Patients Enough Attention?

2015 11 Dec

Technology is becoming integrated into healthcare processes. In the examination room, for example, use of computers is aimed at promoting safer and more efficient care. However, exam room computing is challenging and there is growing evidence that it can be a threat to patient safety. There is an urgent need to develop and implement patient-centric,... Read more

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Training Competent Public Health Informaticians

2014 20 Oct

The primary focus of public health is prevention, with a key focus on responding to the health needs of individuals as well as populations. Meanwhile, public health informatics (PHI) is the field in which today’s information revolution meets the specific needs of public health. It is also defined as information, computer science, and technology systematically... Read more

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FDA Moves to Strengthen Cybersecurity of Medical Devices

2014 06 Oct

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced a new guidance for medical device manufacturers with regard to managing cybersecurity risks to better protect patient health and information. The federal agency noted that some medical devices and computer systems can be vulnerable to security breaches, potentially impacting the safety and effectiveness... Read more

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Is CAD-enhanced Mammography Effective?

2013 09 May

Computer-assisted detection enhanced mammography finds more noninvasive and early-stage invasive breast cancer but also makes increases diagnostic testing for women without breast cancer, researchers from UC Davis and the University of Washington have found. Using computer-aided detection (CAD) to assess mammograms increases diagnosis of early... Read more