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IT Management

Connecting Data through Crowdsourcing for AI Development

2019 13 Nov

Large data sets are essential in developing artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and tools for use in healthcare. Presagen, an AI medical imaging company in Australia, is banking on crowdsourcing in hopes of connecting data from clinics globally to create AI solutions that are scalable and at low cost.   AI developers often rely on localised... Read more

Executive Health Management

David Kuehn joins CSA Group as Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer

2019 10 Apr

David Kuehn joined CSA Group as EVP, Chief Commercial Officer on April 1, 2019.   As EVP & CCO, Mr. Kuehn brings a deep and rich expertise in global sales and marketing, as well as a passion for relationship building, and will focus on increasing growth and efficiency across all of CSA Group’s Commercial Units.   Most recently, Mr. Kuehn was Vice... Read more