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IT Management

2022 23 Jun

An innovative approach to innovation sounds... interesting? Join us now for an unforgettable telemedicine adventure in virtual reality! You may already be familiar with our Diagnostic Point , but if you are not, be sure to take a look at the  article  where we described in detail how the Prevention Kiosk works and what it is&nbsRead more

Executive Health Management

2021 26 Nov

An overview of the role of Artificial Intelligence during the treatment process and implementation of AI algorithms to increase patient awareness and improve access to anonymised data. Artificial intelligence has been pushing itself into the digital space of the medical industry for several years. Recently, however, this process has...Read more

Health Management

2021 20 Oct

A case study of Comarch Diagnostic Point and its application and results at a large organisation with twenty offices in Italy. We speak a lot about  equity , equal treatment,   equal access to care . But does it include workplaces? After all, we all spend a lot of time there. Employers care for their employees...Read more