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IT Management

FBI Investigates 2 More Ransomware Attacks

2016 24 Mar

The FBI is investigating following two more ransomware attacks on Southern California hospital Chino Valley Medical Centre, a 126-bed community hospital and Desert Valley Hospital a 148-bed facility, both part of Prime Healthcare Services Inc.,   were targeted. Hackers accessed one of the hospital’s computers spreading a malware programme to encrypt... Read more

IMAGING Management

Surge in CT for Minor Injuries in California

2016 19 Jan

A new study shows increased use of CTs in patients with non-serious injuries, such as fractures or neck strain, treated in emergency departments at California hospitals. The UCSF-led study, which tracked the use of the imaging from 2005 to 2013, found that CTs were more likely to be ordered in hospitals that were designated high-level trauma centres.... Read more

Executive Health Management

Blood Tests: From $10 to $10,169

2014 18 Aug

Recent research published in BMJ Open shows that there are significant price differences for ten common blood tests in California hospitals. While some patients were charged as little as $10 for one test, there were others that were charged $10,169 for the same test. More than 150 hospitals in California were analysed and tests such as lipid panel,... Read more