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A CT Scanner in Your Pocket?

2020 12 Feb

Lung ultrasound (LUS) is still a young diagnostic tool. However, its use is growing quite rapidly. LUS is an important component of ultrasound courses around the world. It is also incorporated into many shock and hypoxia assessment protocols. LUS is now included as a part of the examination by the National Board of Echocardiography Examination of Special... Read more

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Toshiba Medical Celebrates 10 Years of Area Detector CT

2017 16 Feb

Described as ‘a breakthrough CT system’ back in 2007, Toshiba Medical introduced the world’s very first dynamic volume CT scanner, the Aquilion ONE™. Driven by the clinical need for a volume scanner, the Aquilion ONE’s unique Area Detector opened doors to new ways of medical imaging. Ten years later, Toshiba Medical is celebrating this memorable introduction.... Read more

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New Centres to Offer Digital Autopsies in UK

2014 16 Dec

Digital autopsies are set to become an increasingly common practice across parts of the UK with the opening of more new facilities providing the service. This revolutionary new technology uses sophisticated, 3D visualisation software and a scanner rather than a scalpel, offering a significant, humanitarian step forward in establishing the cause of unnatural... Read more

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RSNA 2014: Siemens Introduces Somatom Definition Edge For CT Imaging

2014 30 Nov

An innovative x-ray tube concept in the new CT scanner from Siemens Healthcare will premiere at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago, USA. The x-ray tube concept in the Somatom Definition Edge enables simultaneous imaging at two different energy levels for the first time in single source... Read more