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2023 06 Sep

Joerg Riether has taken on a significant new role as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Vitos, commencing his duties in September 2023. This career move reflects his unwavering commitment to ensuring the utmost security and protection of Vitos' invaluable information assets.   Joerg Riether's journey to this pivotal position has been...Read more

IT Management

2019 05 Mar

Adoption of complex technologies such as artificial intelligence requires planning and strategy. Healthcare IT executives and professionals (CTOs, CIOs et al.) need to be aware of best practices for i mplementing AI systems at their respective organisations. Here's some guidance that they can use for effective rollouts, coming from four AI tech...Read more

IT Management

2017 22 Aug

Artificial intelligence means using computers and tools to do something that humans do. Machine learning is a subset of overall AI that recognises patterns in data and predicts outcomes based on past experience and data. Most AI systems incorporate machine learning technology to help generate results that replicate human ones. You might also like...Read more

IT Management

2017 15 Aug

More than half (60 percent) of healthcare organisations employ a senior executive that oversees cybersecurity, such as a chief information security officer, according to a new report from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).   The 2017 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey provides insight into what healthcare providers are...Read more

IT Management

2017 18 Jul

WannaCry, Petya and other attacks make the work of cybersecurity professionals more challenging. Often, they need to work long hours – even during weekends – just to ensure their respective organisations are protected from IT security-related threats.   Nearly half of cybersecurity professionals reported there have been security incidents similar...Read more

IT Management

2017 20 Feb

If your company is having difficulty scouting for a competent CISO, it may give you a bit of consolation to know that you're not alone. These days CISOs with top-notch skills are becoming harder to find because to succeed they have to understand IT, cybersecurity and healthcare in considerable depth, according to Stephen Cobb, senior security researcher...Read more

Health Management

2016 25 Aug

What, in your view, are the greatest threats facing the healthcare sector in cybersecurity?   First, the wrong executives such as Chief Financial Officers are ‏in charge of IT and cybersecurity strategy in half US healthcare ‏organisations. One third have no cybersecurity executive on ‏staff. In too many organisations qualified cybersecurity...Read more

IT Management

2016 18 Jul

An article in Modern Healthcare has highlighted the changing role of IT professionals in healthcare management as, with the increasing central role of technology in the hospital landscape, CIOs and CISOs are finally finding a seat in the boardroom and weighing in on big decisions. The publication takes Edward Martinez as an example. Martinez has...Read more

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2016 12 Jul

A new Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) report has highlighted a new threat to cybersecurity in healthcare; technology companies that cannot deliver the security that they promise. As Ransomware incidents have spread throughout healthcare, CISOs of hospitals have been under increasing pressure to safeguard the security and privacy...Read more

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2016 03 Mar

Electronic health records (EHRs) and digital clinical systems have widely been deployed in healthcare without strategic data and IT infrastructure security planning, a report by HIMSS Analytics and Symantec Corporation has said. “As a result, chief information security officers (CISOs) frequently have limited authority, sparse staffing and tight...Read more