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ICU Management

#EA19: Assessing delirium in the ICU

2019 01 Jun

Dr. Ulf Guenther from Germany made an excellent presentation today at Euroanaesthesia 2019 #EA19 on assessing delirium in the ICU. Dr. Guenther has spent a large part of his research career dealing with delirium, and he shared his insight with respect to the clinical impact, diagnosis, risk factors, and management of delirium in the ICU.  According... Read more

ICU Management

2019 23 Jan

Introduction Up to 85% of critical care patients may experience some form of delirium, but it can be very easily missed (Inouye et al. 2001; Page 2008) particularly in a very busy 24 bedded General Critical Care Unit that is also the regional centre for Trauma and neurosurgery. The unit admits both level 2 and 3 patients within the same clinical... Read more