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Health Management

2022 08 Jul

An overview of the process of digitisation in the medical device industry and important questions that organisations should ask to best prepare for the digital disruption ahead. Key Points Digitisation is in full swing for the medical device industry and will continue to disrupt the sector throughout the 2020s. This has created a need...Read more

IT Management

2020 28 Jul

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Executive Health Management

2019 26 Aug

Summary: For the clinician leaders healthcare desperately needs, training has to begin in medical school and continue throughout a career.   The connection between great leaders and successful organisations that effectively innovate to remain competitive and provide shareholder value has been well demonstrated in business. To that end, many...Read more

IT Management

2019 30 May

As the healthcare C-suite reshuffles its priorities and the responsibilities of its members, technology chiefs in a healthcare organisation can have a hard time getting their voice heard.   While the role of the CIO and CISO continues to take a more central position in decision-making, there can still sometimes be gaps in understanding...Read more

Executive Health Management

2018 22 Aug

Black Book Market Research's latest client satisfaction survey has identified the top spending priorities of healthcare organisations over the next year-and-a-half. Hospitals and health systems rank technology optimisation as their biggest IT demand, based on replies from 1,586 respondents. At least three quarters of the survey respondents...Read more

IT Management

2019 05 Jun

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IT Management

2017 27 Jun

Uncertainty is hanging in the air over what Brexit, the British departure from the European Union (EU), will bring to the UK economy but Beverly Bryant, Director of Digital Transformation, NHS Digital is optimistic about what the country has to offer in globally healthcare. See Also : Zoom On: Robert W. Wachter MD   “There...Read more

IT Management

2017 17 Jan

New technologies are made available with a view to improving patient care as well as reducing costs. For healthcare executives, deciding what to bring into their hospitals – and what to keep out – may not be easy. See Also : Health Tech to Watch in 2017   "Navigating new technologies is one of the biggest challenges we hear...Read more

Executive Health Management

2016 19 Dec

Healthcare executives say staffing shortages and rising prescription drug costs are among the leading challenges they have to contend with in 2017, according to a new survey by Premiere Inc. Another major concern is "interoperability", with nearly 60 percent of those surveyed saying their organisations are unable to access ambulatory data from their...Read more

Executive Health Management

2016 27 Sep

An expanded leadership role for doctors can be a key driver for transforming the needs of healthcare but both health facilities and physicians must contribute to make a new model work.   Jason Petros, a consultant at healthcare C-suite recruitment firm Witt/ Keiffer said that leadership needs physicians who can put their egos to the...Read more

IT Management

2016 31 Aug

Population health requires buy-in from senior administrators and acceptance from patients. The University of Chicago Medicine has been quite successful in engaging patients and providing them with a great experience while meeting the demands of a value-based system. According to Debra Albert, RN, chief nursing officer and senior vice president...Read more

Executive Health Management

2016 01 Aug

Since hospital CEOs tend to have shorter tenures than sports coaches, the key to keeping an organisation thriving is to have a survival plan in place, and to be actively implementing it year round—not just right after the CEO gives notice. When a senior hospital executive departs, he or she may give many months’ notice, but sometimes, departure comes...Read more

IT Management

2016 18 Jul

An article in Modern Healthcare has highlighted the changing role of IT professionals in healthcare management as, with the increasing central role of technology in the hospital landscape, CIOs and CISOs are finally finding a seat in the boardroom and weighing in on big decisions. The publication takes Edward Martinez as an example. Martinez has...Read more