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Executive Health Management

Healthio designs specific itinerary on cancer offering a wide range of information

2018 20 Jul

Several leading medical centres, together with start-up companies, associations and foundations, will attend HEALTHIO 2018 with the aim of sharing and publicizing the latest technological breakthroughs and applications for doctors and patients currently being applied in the fight against this disease. Fira de Barcelona's innovation in health... Read more

IT Management

HEALTHIO will present the best experiences in health through themed itineraries

2018 06 Jun

The second edition of HEALTHIO is already taking shape. With five months to go until the event it has already outlined the 24 itineraries in which, grouped in three central themes (health, well-being, personalised medicine and chronic illness and ageing), the latest advances and innovations that the health sector has developed to improve the empowerment... Read more