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ICU Management

Euroanaesthesia 2020

2020 30 May

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Executive Health Management

Artificial hype

2019 22 Feb

Radiologists, more than any other medical specialty, feel the professional and emotional ‘whiplash’ that began five or so years ago. Vanishing jobs (transforming radiologists into production units) for cost over quality for our patients, to the current shortage and need for more radiologists. AI introduced the threat that automation would take what... Read more

Executive Health Management

EAU 19 Barcelona

2019 15 Mar

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ICU Management

8th EuroELSO Congress 2019

2019 10 Apr

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IMAGING Management

2016 23 Feb

Prof. Laura Oleaga, MD PhD, serves on the ESR Executive Council as chair of the ESR Education Committee . Since 2009, she is the Head of Radiology Department, Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain. Also, Prof. Oleaga is Editor for the journals Radiologia, European Radiology and Neuroradiology .  1. What are your key areas of interest and research?... Read more