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When Do Academics Work?

2019 23 Dec

For academics across the world, ‘working hours’ vary greatly, and in China many tend to work after hours, shows a recent study published in the Christmas edition of the BMJ. You may also like: EHMA 2020 Annual Conference: Call for Abstracts There is anecdotal evidence that research and publishing demand academics and medical students... Read more

Executive Health Management

Study: Death Rates Rise Under Lower Skilled Staff

2016 17 Nov

A large European study published online in BMJ Quality and Safety shows that the chances of a patient dying in hospital under the watch of lower-skilled nursing assistants rather than professionally-qualified nurses rises dramatically.   With the average mix of nurse professional levels and mix of skills, for every 25 patients, if just... Read more

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Doctors Demand Apology: BMJ Medical Error Deaths 'Shoddy' Study

2016 19 Jul

Two Pennsylvania doctors have reacted against a BMJ paper that claimed one third of deaths in the U.S. are caused by medical errors. Shyam Sabat, M.D., an associate professor of neuroradiology at Penn State College of Medicine, and Virginia Hall, M.D., an associate professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at PSU have called for the journal to retract... Read more

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Medical Error US: Third Leading Cause of Death

2016 05 May

If medical error was a cause of death, in the U.S. it would rank third after heart disease and cancer, say researchers. In BMJ, Martin Makary and Michael Daniel of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore say that better death certificate reporting is necessary to understand how widespread the problem is. Death certificates in... Read more