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IMAGING Management

2018 27 Mar

The BIR has launched the BIR World Partner Network, a community of international societies with the shared goal of advancing the knowledge and understanding of imaging and radiation oncology amongst radiologists, radiographers and physicists across the world.   Participating societies are the Sociedad Argentina de Radiología, Federacion Argentina de...Read more

IMAGING Management

2017 24 Sep

“ The role of emergency radiologists in the management  of   polytraumatized   patients ”   The BIR presents a webinar by the President of the European Society of Emergency Radiology, Dr Mariano   Scaglione , to mark International Day of Radiology (IDOR) and World Radiography Day on 8 November 2017.   This live webinar will discuss the...Read more

Health Management

2017 19 Sep

President (2016-2018) - British Institute of Radiology, UK     Thomas Watson, IB M President 1943 said: “I think there is a world market for maybe 5 computers”. Never try to predict what might happen!   What is your top management tip?   Management is different from leadership! Leadership - have a vision that...Read more