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Scientific Sessions 2022

2022 05 Nov

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Scientific Sessions 2021

2021 13 Nov

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MEDI-LEARN - Emergency Doctor Course Christkindl

2019 06 Dec

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AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference 2020

2020 02 Feb

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GW-ICC & APHC 2016

2016 13 Oct

The focus of GW-ICC has been elevated to a new level since 2000. Today’s Congress attaches heavy emphasis on cross-disciplinary integration and research on areas such as cardiovascular diseases and endocrinology, diabetes, neurology, examination, psychology, medical imaging, among others. This development has led to the progress of many unique Chinese... Read more

Heart Attacks in Women: Statement from American Heart Association

2016 26 Jan

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of mortality in American women. A new scientific statement published in the American Heart Association's journal Circulation states that women's heart attacks may have different causes, symptoms and outcomes as compared to men.  The statement is the first of its kind from the American Heart Association on... Read more