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Specialised Ambulance Increases ‘Golden Hour' Thrombolysis

2014 20 Nov

The use of a stroke emergency mobile unit (STEMO) helped increase the percentage of stroke patients who received thrombolysis to break down blood clots within the so-called ‘golden hour', the 60 minutes from time of symptom onset to treatment, a window of time when treatment may be most effective, according to researchers in Germany. A STEMO is a specialised... Read more

IMAGING Management

Lifesaving Potential of US in Ambulances: Samsung Trial

2014 22 Oct

Tablet-based ultrasound in ambulances with wireless transmission of images to the hospital has the potential to improve diagnosis and treatment of critical care patients, according to first results from a trial by Samsung with Trice Imaging.       The Samsung Electronics America, Inc. trial started on 1 July with the PT60A ultrasound installed in six... Read more

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By Road or By Air? An Ambulance Costs Analysis

2014 07 Jun

A recent study, published in the Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine, has analysed and compared the costs involved in the three types of intensive care transports commonly used in Sweden. The aim was to evaluate to what extent the road ambulance, rotor-wing ambulance and fixed-wing ambulance differed in their... Read more

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Specialised Ambulance Speeds Earlier Treatment for Stroke Patients

2014 28 Apr

An ambulance designed specifically for stroke treatment improved the treatment time for ischaemic strokes, thanks to specialised onboard equipment and staffing. These are the findings of a German study published in JAMA’s neurology-themed April 23/30 issue.   Stroke leads to disability or death for thousands of people each... Read more

Cardiology Management

Heart Attack Survival Rates Set to Improve With Pocket Manual for First Aid Teams

2013 07 Nov

Expert members of the Acute Cardiovascular Care Association (ACCA) of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) have created a pioneering pocket-sized manual on acute cardiac conditions in their bid to improve heart attack survival rates. The toolkit is designed for first aid teams across Europe and will assist the decision making process in the valuable... Read more

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Emergency Helicopter Airlifts Help the Seriously Injured

2013 26 Jun

Patients transferred to hospital via helicopter ambulance tend to have a higher survival rate than those who take the more traditional road route, despite having more severe injuries. The research, published in  BioMed Central’s open access journal Critical Care suggests that air ambulances are both effective and worthy of investment. Helicopters... Read more

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Quicksilva to Provide NHS 111 Service With Real-Time Patient Identification

2013 19 Apr

Quicksilva, an independent supplier of healthcare IT systems is providing real-time access to the NHS Personal Demographic Service (PDS) for the North East Ambulance Service Foundation Trust (NEAS). NEAS’s 111 Service evaluation project has been able provide the entire North East region with access to patient records in real-time to allow instant verification... Read more

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UK's First Dedicated Air Ambulance for Critically Ill Children Made its First Landing in Southampton

2013 09 Apr

The new Children's Air Ambulance. (Image Credit: Daily Echo) The Children’s Air Ambulance (TCAA), launched as part of a new national emergency air transfer service, will fly critically ill babies and children from district hospitals to specialist centres in England and Wales. So far TCAA has completed three successful missions... Read more

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Code STEMI web series – The London Ambulance Service Story

2013 08 Mar

London Ambulance Service paramedic, Suzy Fish and EMT, Craig Birkin, with Code STEMI host, Tom Bouthillet. (Photo: Business Wire) 8.2 million people. 620 square miles. 1.6 million calls per year. The busiest EMS system in the world. A 10-fold improvement in sudden cardiac arrest survival from 1999 to today. STEMI patients transported directly... Read more