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Prominent Neurosurgeon Joins Leucadia Therapeutics as Company's Founding Global CMO

2022 22 Aug

Javed Siddiqi , who created neuroscience programs in multiple hospitals, brings skull base expertise as company readies preclinical studies to assess Arethusta® effectiveness Leucadia Therapeutics, a company working to cure Alzheimer's disease, has hired a global chief medical officer practiced in skull base neurosurgery needed to implant... Read more

Executive Health Management

Former Global Fund Manager Joins Leucadia Therapeutics as Company's First CFO

2022 15 Aug

Edward Shadek, Jr. , former deputy chief of Investments at Putnam, brings wealth of financial acumen as company prepares for clinical trials Leucadia Therapeutics, a company working to cure Alzheimer's disease with a medical device implanted by minimally invasive surgery, has hired a chief financial officer with deep investment management experience... Read more

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PET imaging tool measures synaptic loss in Alzheimer's disease

2018 25 Jul

Research on Alzheimer's disease is slowed down by the fact that most studies on the disease's effects on the brain are done postmortem. Now, there is a new noninvasive method for measuring a patient's synaptic loss, a critical component of the disease, which has the potential to accelerate research for new Alzheimer's treatments, according to a... Read more

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AI-based neuroimaging approach helps predict Alzheimer's disease

2017 22 Dec

Machine learning techniques such as support vector machine (SVM) have been applied recently in order to accurately classify individuals with neuropsychiatric disorders such as Alzheimer's disease (AD) based on neuroimaging data. However, the multivariate nature of the SVM approach often precludes the identification of the brain regions that contribute... Read more

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SPECT Imaging Helps Distinguish Depression from Dementia

2017 20 Feb

Overlapping symptoms make it difficult for clinicians to distinguish between depression and a cognitive disorder (CD) such as Alzheimer's disease. Now a new study in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease shows that single photon emission computed tomography, or SPECT, could distinguish depression from CDs with 86 percent accuracy. In addition, brain SPECT... Read more

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Noninvasive Ultrasound Technology Could Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

2015 15 Mar

Researchers at the University of Queensland (Australia) have found that noninvasive ultrasound technology can be used to treat Alzheimer's disease and restore memory. In a report published in the journal Science Translational Medicine , the researchers say the innovative drug-free approach breaks apart the neurotoxic amyloid plaques that result in... Read more

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35 Partners Join In European Research Initiative for Alzheimer’s Disease

2015 17 Jan

The European Prevention of Alzheimer's Dementia Consortium (EPAD) has announced the start of collaboration between academic and private sectors to test treatments for the prevention of Alzheimer's dementia.  The EPAD project is part of a global effort in the fight against Alzheimer's disease. It is sponsored by the European Commission and the European... Read more

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Virtual Reality Game Detects Condition Which Precedes Alzheimer’s Disease

2015 14 Jan

A new study by Greek researchers has demonstrated that a virtual reality game frequently used for cognitive training is effective as a screening tool for adults with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). The virtual supermarket (VSM) application was developed as part of a project which uses new technologies to screen, diagnose, treat and support patients... Read more

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European Society of Neuroradiology

2014 08 Nov

As the newly installed President of the European Society of Neuroradiology (ESNR), what are your goals for your term of office? The ESNR is a professional society with more than 3,000 members. A strategic plan and mission for the ESNR was initiated a few years ago. Under my presidency we will expand, improve and update this concept. The ESNR will continue... Read more