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Executive Health Management

Africa Health Business Symposium (AHBS)

2019 07 Oct

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Executive Health Management

Distributing a life source in Africa

2018 23 May

Lifebank has developed crucial infrastructure in Nigeria, enabling the efficient transportation and storage of blood, saving thousands of lives. HealthManagement editor Marianna Keen spoke to CEO and founder Temie Giwa-Tubosun about her journey.   To what degree has the blood shortage in Nigeria been tackled so far, due to the work of LifeBank?... Read more

Executive Health Management

Managed equipment services can be boon for emerging market health

2018 23 May

Solving the waste issue of unused equipment in African hospitals Managed Equipment Services (MES) is an innovative way of tackling the problem of wasted medical equipment stock in sub-Saharan Africa. In healthcare, the private sector is increasingly working with governments to address the needs of health systems. This collaboration... Read more

Executive Health Management

Africa leading way in healthcare tech: the continent is ahead of the game in cutting-edge drone use

2018 23 May

The African healthcare context is uniquely placed to adopt and benefit from drone technology.   In the past decade, the possible use of drone technology in various sectors of the economy has become increasingly likely. As with most new technologies, drones are seen as a double-edged sword. Their most high-profile use has been in a military context, which... Read more

Health Management

Amit N. Thakker

2018 25 Jan

Top Quote from Blog: Healthcare Revolution in Africa through Public-Private Partnerships. " A successful investment is not defined solely by financial input, but also by additional critical factors such as collaborations, robust frameworks and policies, scalable economies, targeted opportunities for development, and effective resources, that... Read more

IMAGING Management

Point-of-care Ultrasound Helps Enhance Maternity Services in Africa

2016 15 Sep

The robustness of the NanoNaxx system makes it ideal for use  in   Africa . A unique collaboration between the charity Health Improvement Project Zanzibar (HIPZ) and the Zanzibar government has seen  point-of-care   ultrasound  systems  in troduced  in to the country’s hospitals, helping to improve  maternity   services . Dr Ru MacDonagh,... Read more

Executive Health Management

Philips and AMREF Flying Doctors Partnership To Improve Healthcare in Africa

2013 14 Nov

Announcing that Royal Philips and AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation) Flying Doctors – the largest health organization in Africa – will be entering into a partnership based on their shared values, the two organizations outlined the aims of the collaboration as being the improvement of the African continent’s health care infrastructure... Read more