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2023 24 Nov

A groundbreaking AI tool developed by Kherion Medical Technologies and Imperial College London, known as Mia, has demonstrated the ability to detect up to 13% more breast cancers than humans in breast screenings. Researchers have found that Mia has the potential to improve breast cancer screening by detecting potentially cancerous tissue that human...Read more

IMAGING Management

2023 08 Nov

The 2023 Alexander R. Margulis Award for the best original scientific article published in Radiology has been awarded to researchers of the article “Pancreatic Cancer Detection on CT Scans with Deep Learning: A Nationwide Population-based Study”.   The team created an AI tool and trained it by analysing hundreds of contrast-enhanced CT studies...Read more

Artificial Intelligence

2023 16 Mar

An AI tool can accurately identify normal and abnormal chest X-rays in a clinical setting, according to a study published in  Radiology . The tool may greatly alleviate the heavy workload experienced by radiologists globally.     “There is an exponentially growing demand for medical imaging, especially cross-sectional such as CT and MRI,” said...Read more

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2021 20 May

Heart disease continues to be a leading cause of illness and death globally. Fast diagnosis is key to early treatment and improved rates of survival. The electrocardiogram (ECG) is a low-cost, rapid and simple test used by cardiologists and other clinicians, that is available even in the most resource-scarce settings. An ECG test can not only provide...Read more

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2021 17 May

New research published in the journal Nature describes an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that could improve the diagnosis for patients with complex metastatic cancer. In 1 to 2 percent of these cases, the primary site of tumour origin cannot be determined, and patients often have to undergo extensive diagnostic procedures, which can delay treatment....Read more

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2019 01 Mar

Affidea and icometrix have today announced a strategic partnership to streamline and improve the care of patients with neurological disorders in Europe, with the rollout of a new AI tool for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).   As the leading European provider of advanced diagnostic imaging services, Affidea is starting the collaboration...Read more