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Cardiology Management

Atrial fibrillation-related dementia

2019 08 May

University of Minnesota Medical School researchers have determined that atrial fibrillation (Afib) is independently associated with changes that occur with aging and dementia. "Atrial Fibrillation and Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging Abnormalities" published in Strokeadvances researchers’ understanding of the mechanisms underlying atrial fibrillation-related... Read more

Cardiology Management

Additional Tool for AFib Risk Assessment

2017 15 May

Intermountain Healthcare has developed a new tool, the Intermountain Mortality Risk Score (IMRS), to help with evaluating a patient's risk of stroke, bleeding, and mortality with atrial fibrillation. IMRS is based on routine lab values typically collected from a patient – a complete blood count (CBC) and basic metabolic profile (BMP) – and can be used... Read more