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ICU Management

5G-Powered Robot-Assisted Teleultrasound Diagnostic System

2021 13 Apr

In situations where there are limited medical resources and a lack of expertise, and where the risk of infection is also high, teleultrasound can provide an effective solution.    A study was conducted to explore the feasibility of the application of a 5G-powered robot-assisted teleultrasound diagnostic system in an ICU. Robot-assisted ultrasound... Read more

IT Management

China Sees COVID-19 Telehealth Expansion

2020 08 Apr

With the rapidly spreading coronavirus disease (COVID-19), hospitals have been stretched to capacity, with some providers unable to attend to patients and instead requesting them to seek care in other hospitals.     You might also like: How To Manage a Remote Healthcare Team   The city of Wuhan in mainland China, the epicentre of the COVID-19... Read more

IT Management

MEDICON: 5G Will Take mHealth to New Level

2016 01 Apr

MEDICON launched on Thursday with a special session on mHealth Medical Video communication Systems. In a presentation, Towards 5G Health for Medical Video Streaming over Small Cells , Nada Philip Associate Professor at Kingston University spoke about both the potential and challenges for mHealth. “There is no dedicated network for medical applications,” Philip... Read more