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Executive Health Management

2021 01 Jun

The new way to monitor health With the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns and restrictions of physical contact, many cardiovascular scientific associations and journals started to speak about telemedicine solutions, but many highlighted that no telecardiology programme could be created overnight. In cardiology, the branch of telecardiology is well...Read more

IT Management

2019 11 Nov

Technology continues to transform healthcare through increased efficiency in work processes, leading to better delivery of care. For the incoming year, 2020, expect growing applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning aimed at advancing disease risk prediction. Expanding AI use will likely have a ripple effect, such as in genomic...Read more

IMAGING Management

2019 23 Oct

Emissions from motor vehicles, factories, power plants and other sources are amongst the most common causes of air pollution. Unfortunately, the quality of air has a direct impact on population health. For example, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a chronic inflammatory lung disease, can be exacerbated by constant exposure to dirty air....Read more

IT Management

2015 23 Apr

A team of college students is working on a way to 3D print bone grafts that will mimic the complex, porous architecture of the skeleton down to its micro and nanostructure level. The team has won the Cal State Long Beach Innovation Challenge and will receive a $10,000 grant in seed funding, an office space and assistance in developing a sound business...Read more

IT Management

2015 11 Feb

The trend toward personal manufacturing and small-scale production is being facilitated by 3D printing, with healthcare applications (including human organ reconstruction) and consumer goods representing areas for immense potential. The technology, which is by now well-established in the aerospace and automobile sectors, brings with it a new business...Read more

Cardiology Management

2014 05 Dec

Doctors can perfect procedures on a model before the intervention New 3D printed heart technology could reduce the number of heart surgeries in children with congenital heart disease, according to Dr Peter Verschueren who spoke on the topic today at EuroEcho-Imaging 2014. 1 Dr Verschueren brought 3D printed models of the heart to his lecture including...Read more

IT Management

2014 23 Jul

A new anatomical kit containing body parts produced by 3D printing and which "look like the real thing", is set to revolutionise medical education when it goes on sale later this year. Created by a team of experts from Monash University in Asutralia the '3D Printed Anatomy Series' is believed to be the first commercially available resource of its...Read more

IT Management

2014 01 Jul

According to study findings published by researchers from the Universities of Sydney, Harvard, Stanford and MIT, the ‘bio printing’ of transplantable organs and tissues is one step closer. Successfully growing large complex tissues requires artificial vascular networks that imitate the human body's circulatory system: the team of scientists...Read more

IT Management

2014 01 Jul

Prosthetic limbs are now made with stronger, more lightweight materials and have empowered disabled people to accomplish impressive athletic tasks such as snowboarding and competitive dancing. However, for all the advances in technology, prosthetics have always appeared generic and impersonal. A San Francisco and Seville-based start-up company is returning...Read more

IT Management

2014 04 Jun

Delivering essential nutrients to our organs and clearing them of hazardous waste are the tasks of our blood vessels, which run inside our bodies in an entangled highway. Up to now, scientists have tried in vain to artificially replicate these tiny transporters. In a study published online in 'Lab on a Chip', a team from Brigham and Women's...Read more