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#EA22: Long-Term Exposure to Air Pollution Increases Risk of Severe COVID-19

2022 07 Jun

New research presented at Euroanaesthesia 2022 finds that long-term exposure to air pollution is linked to a greater risk of severe COVID-19. Findings from the study show that people living in counties with higher levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ) were more likely to need ICU care and mechanical ventilation if they had COVID-19. Long-term exposure... Read more

#EA22: Impact of Anaesthesia Handover on Morbidity and Mortality

2022 07 Jun

What is the effect of intraoperative handover of anesthesia care on clinical outcomes? This was discussed in a very interesting session at Euroanaesthesia Congress this week. Prof Melanie Meersch-Dini of University Hospital Münster, Germany, reviewed the findings from the HandiCAP trial, published this week in JAMA.  Intraoperative handovers of... Read more

#EA22: Impact of Fatigue on Doctors and Nurses

2022 07 Jun

Consultant Anaesthetist Dr Nancy Redfern of Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Newcastle, U.K., presented a review at Euroanaesthesia 2022 highlighting the potentially lethal effects of fatigue on doctors and nurses, its impact on the quality of their clinical work and judgement and its subsequent impact on patient safety. According to Dr... Read more

#EA22: Preventing Maternal Deaths

2022 06 Jun

In a very relevant session at Eurananesthesia 2022, Dr Nuala Lucas, an Obstetric Anaesthesia Expert from Northwick Park Hospital, London, U.K., presented key messages for anaesthesia practice from U.K.'s Maternal Mortality Reports. These reports are produced annually to provide information about the causes of maternal deaths and promote learning and... Read more

#EA22: Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Anaesthetics

2022 04 Jun

Dr Nicolaas Hendrik Sperna Weiland, anaesthesiologist, Amsterdam University Medical Center, The Netherlands, and founder of the centre's Sustainable Healthcare Team discussed the environmental impact of inhaled anaesthetic agents and the need to massively reduce their use at this year's Euroanaesthesia Congress.  Volatile anaesthetics are potent... Read more