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Executive Health Management

How to Change Fertility Care with Value-Based Healthcare

2019 02 Oct

Summary: The VBHC Green Belt Blended Learning programme gives medical specialists the tools to maximise patient value and deliver effective care. Dr. Max Curfs has been working as a clinical embryologist at the Isala Fertility Centre since 1995. He holds a PhD in Natural Sciences and before working at Isala he researched the embryology... Read more

Health Management

Patients Mentoring Executives: Mutual Benefits

2017 21 Aug

Patient-centric healthcare has come strongly into focus in recent years. Efforts by healthcare organisations to be more patient-centred include a range of measures, such as patient councils and feedback sessions. Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC, which is part of Johns Hopkins Medicine, has pioneered patient mentoring of executives. HealthManagement... Read more