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IMAGING Management

2023 28 Nov

New innovations help hospitals and health systems to consistently deliver accessible, high-quality care to patients in a sustainable way   Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology, puts patients and healthcare providers center-stage at  #RSNA23 , the world’s largest medical imaging conference. Radiologists are looking for solutions...Read more

IT Management

2023 18 Sep

<marquee behavior="slide" direction="left" scrollamount="30">  <h2 style="text-align: center;">Find HIMSS On Social Media</h2> </marquee> Read more

IT Management

2022 14 Sep

Remedy Health Media , a leading digital health platform serving patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers through a family of trusted digital brands announced the appointment of  Steve Zatz , M.D., as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The Company will conduct a process within the coming year to identify an individual who will assume the role...Read more

Executive Health Management

2019 02 Oct

Summary: With a rapidly growing older population, effective care for ageing patients will require healthcare stakeholders to collaborate in managing the whole health of these patients.  Throughout the world, but especially in Europe and Northern America, the population is ageing at an alarming rate. The United Nations Department of Economic...Read more

Executive Health Management

2017 21 Mar

Executive summary Hospitals are under increasing pressure to improve their overall quality of care. In order to contend with this challenge, many hospitals have implemented measures to establish high-quality care standards. For the most part, hospitals have elected to establish clinical pathways designed to govern the entire care process,...Read more