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Obstacles to establishing competence in radiology

2018 21 Aug

Competence in radiology: difficult to define, more difficult to establish. Since the publication of McClelland's 1973 work (McClelland 1973), it is assumed that knowledge does not always imply better performance in the profession, and that competence is a complex concept, in which many factors are involved (Mendiratta-Lala et al.... Read more

Cardiology Management

Third European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth

2016 26 Oct

The  third European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth  is dedicated to the use of eHealth solutions in every aspect of cardiovascular care such as prevention, diagnosis, risk assessment, monitoring, education, counselling and treatment. Join us in Berlin, in October 2016, to present on or learn about new technological platforms, products and/or services... Read more