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ICU Management

Paradigm shift in sepsis prevention

2018 15 May

There is a paradigm shift happening for sepsis. "Sepsis is no longer solely conceptualised as problem of individual patients treated in emergency departments and intensive care units but also as one that is addressed as public health issue with population- and systems-based solutions," says a commentary in the journal Critical Care.  Such a... Read more

Cardiology Management

Study supports biomarker assay for ER heart failure diagnosis

2018 27 Mar

A multicentre study supports the value of a biomarker to accurately diagnose or rule out acute heart failure in patients seen for shortness of breath at hospital emergency departments. Its findings, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, also validate the use of age-adjusted thresholds of the protein NT-proBNP to diagnose heart... Read more

Health Management

New Philips Technology to Empower Emergency Departments

2017 21 Aug

Philips innovation in advanced health technology is delivering next generation Minicare point-of-care-in-vitro diagnostics systems to help support improved clinical decision-making that will ultimately benefit physicians, patients and hospital systems.   Such devices can help deal with the biggest issue that emergency departments face on a dailybasis... Read more