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ICU Management


2017 24 May

Recent cyberattacks have left public authorities reeling at the relative ease with which a malign individual or organisation can bring about widespread disruption of services. The main target of recent attacks in the health sector was the National Health Service in the UK. The fact that the problem boiled down to a software fix or ‘patch’ which had...Read more

IT Management


2019 08 Jan

Blockchain technology has been touted as an important innovation when it comes to storing and securing data, which abounds in healthcare. Some experts say the technology could help facilitate the creation of a more comprehensive, secure and interoperable repository of health-related information.   Many healthcare organisations in Europe are...Read more

IT Management


2020 27 Mar

  Cyber hackers are taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis to target vaccine facilities with ransomware. While health and healthcare organisations battle the virus, they’re also battling a surge in cyber security threats .   WHO is one organisation that has seen attempted cyber attacks double since the start of the virus crisis. A hacker group...Read more